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Welcome to Reading tutors 4u of Calgary


Summer Tutors 4U was established in 1999 by experienced and certified teachers. Since 1999, we have helped thousands of Calgary students improve their reading, writing, and math skills. Our directors are certified teachers who have had formal teaching experience in public and private school settings.

Currently we provide summer math, English, and writing programs in the comfort of your own home in Calgary North East - Calgary North West, Calgary South West, and Calgary South East. Our rates are very competitive with the tutoring industry in the Calgary area. Our Calgary Summer tutors are specialists at what they teach have some formal experience teaching or tutoring students reading, writing, or math skills.. In addition to our Summer reading, writing, and math programs, our Calgary reading tutors will integrate writing, reading comprehension, oral communication, and math skills so that your child improves in all aspects of their current grade program.

Here are possible signs that your child might have a reading problem:

Avoids reading offers excuses for not reading when you want them to read with you
Your child repeats the words that you verbally speak to him or her
Your child reads using sight words or familiarity of the word. This indicates
your child is using memorized words they know and they are not sounding out the word phonetically. If they are not familiar with a word, He/She will often Guess at the words in front of them because they are technically not sounding out the letters to make out the word. When they are using this strategy they try and substitutes words. This learned strategy allows them to make up words and sentences that are not on the page

Do any of these sound familiar? If they do, our Calgary Summer Reading tutors can help.

Call us @ 403-695-0278 today to book a private Calgary reading tutor today!

We provide the following summer programs in Calgary NE, Calgary NW, Calgary SE, Calgary SW.

Summer Reading programs -Calgary
Summer writing programs- Calgary
Summer reading comprehension programs- Calgary
Summer Pre school, JK, SK Reading Enrichment Programs -Calgary
Summer Math Programs
Summer Vocabulary and writing Enrichment and support- Calgary


Our Calgary Summer tutors service the following areas in calgary.
Calgary Inner city- Downtown - Calgary Northeast - Calgary Northwest - Calgary Southwest - Calgary Southeast - Cochrane - Chestermere -Crossfield, Langdon - Strathmore - Okotoks, and High River
Please not we are not affiliated with Calgary Kumon - Sylvan - Oxford summer tutoring centres. If you like the tutoring centre approach please visit these Calgary tutoring centres.
Please note that in 2008 Summer Tutors 4U had merged and is now a subsidiary of Tutors For Less TM



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